The New Revelation Foundation (NRF) is a non-profit educational organization, incorporated in Delaware,specifically dedicated to educating people in regards to Urantia Book content. We function under the Trademark THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN REVELATION; and provide educational services, namely, conducting classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, and lectures in the field of Urantia Book content and distribution of educational materials in connection there with. Our logo is displayed above below the website title.

This website is still under construction. However, for now, we provide free websites for individual study, a beginning reader video and posters for small study groups or decor on Amazon.

For your reference, please feel free to use the individual study websites: http://orvonton.info y y for Spanish translations.  Also, there is a new student beginners video.


  1. We are pleased to announce that we have released a new Urantia Video for study groups, school classrooms, and beginning Urantia Book readers. It is designed so that a presenter of the video can stop and start the video at different places in order to answer questions and have discussions on what is presented. The narrative is undeluded from the UB, although edited in some places for relevancy. It is free in the public domain so anyone can use it. It was produced by the New Revelation Foundation with permission from Gary Tonge in the use of his wonderful digital artwork. Many thanks to Gary.

    We hope you enjoy it, that it helps brings peace among all people and strengthens peoples’ belief and faith in our Universal Father.

    Urantia Book Study Aid – Jesus Papers Intro – Part One – UB narrative

  2. We are pleased to announce the completion of Spanish translation of the Paradise Kingdom study chart. We give much credit & appreciation to Flor Robles for all of her help in this endeaver and others. Please enjoy this free website in your study and understanding of the Urantia Book. The website location of this new chart is

  3. We are pleased to announce a new addition to our free on-line Urantia study organization charts. The new addition is a Spanish translation of the Orvonton Kingdom of Heaven chart This is in addition to our Spanish translation of the Nebadon Kingdom of Heaven chart @ We hope you enjoy them and that they help you understand the Urantia Book that some people are now calling the “White Stone” fulfillment promised in Rev 2:17, new name=”Urantia”. God bless.

    Nos complace anunciar la presentación de un nuevo organigrama gratis para estudio de Urantia en Internet. La nueva herramienta es la versión en español del organigrama Orvonton el Reino Celestial Este se une a nuestra traducción al español del organigrama Nebadon el Reino Celestial Esperamos los disfruten y que les ayuden a entender El Libro de Urantia el cual algunas personas llaman ahora la “Piedrecita Blanca” que cumple con la promesa en Rev. 2:17. Nuevo nombre = “Urantia”. Dios los bendiga.

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